Letterpress +
Typography w/Dafi

Photo by Daniel Infanger 


20 & 21 November 2021
Saturday 9.30-18.00
Sunday 10.00-17.00

Max Participants: 6

Presentation & Talk by Dafi
Sunday 18.00 

Costs workshop weekend  € 350,00 including extra zoom-meeting, all material

Student discount based on portfolio : 20% to a max of two participants

Costs Talk/presentation: € 5,00

This two day workshop will get you inspired to design and print typographic posters under the guidance of one of the freshest designers of Europe. Up for some rock and roll? Welcome. 
What is it?
You will work on your concept for a typographic poster, using the GWA presses and the broad collection of printing material. From idea to actual poster in 2 days: work with wood type, metal type, cardboard, lino, lines, forms – and basically everything you can think of that prints and is necessary to reach your goal.
Dafi who?
Graphic designer and printer Dafi Kühne (SU) is famous for combining the Swiss exactitude with punk boldness. His posters for music, design, architecture and products won several prizes, just as his book ‘TRUE PRINT’. He likes spreading the news that everything is possible with letterpress, even if it will take 14 print-runs. Or more. Check https://vimeo.com/dafi for an idea of the process. 

And now for the official bio: Dafi Kühne is a Swiss designer, letterpress printer and graphic design educator. In his studio babyinktwice he uses a wild mix of analog and digital tools to produce posters for music, art, architecture, theatre and film projects, and also for products. With one main rule in his studio «No PDF ever leaves the studio as a final product», he prints all his posters with letterpress printing presses.

His mostly typographic posters have won international awards and been in exhibitions all around the globe. His designer monograph True Print has been published by Lars Müller Publishers in 2016. Dafi Kühne runs his own Typographic Summer Program, an international two week intense typography class for students and professionals who want to get in touch with the physical form of type. Since 2018, he has also released a series of entertaining web videos called «The Dafi Kühne Printing Show™».

Dafi Kühne started his journey studying visual communications at Zürich University of the Arts and got more focused on letterpress through an internship with Hatch Show Print in Nashville. He first got noticed by the international letterpress scene in 2009 through his diploma project «Wood Type Now!», which he then presented in Italy, England and the USA in 2010 and 2011. Since 2009 he has been running his design studio in the Swiss Alps. He produced his first complete set of laser-cut wood type in 2008, then started cutting pantograph-type from pear wood and solid plastic in 2013 and started casting plastic type in 2016. In 2019 he got his research MRes masters degree in Typeface Design at University of Reading, UK.

For whom
This workshop’s target audience are designers, visual thinkers and dare-devils. Students (to a max of 2) with promising portfolios will get a 30% discount. 
In preparation of the weekend, Kühne will host a zoom-meeting to discuss the possibility of your ideas and to answer questions.