22 oktober 2021



Friday October 22


Free Admission

Dress warm!

Expected, yet to be confirmed:

November 12
Lara Captan

The infamous evenings at the Letterspace-studio at Zeeburgerpad have been missed for over a year, due to the circumstances, and we are happy and proud to announce that GWA will host their comeback! Once a month the team of Letterspace Amsterdam invites one or more speakers with interesting stories concerning typedesign, buys some beer and makes some food. All you have to do is come over and enjoy the ride. Be aware that GWA is located in a huge wharf, the Scheepsbouwloods, so that it might be wise to bring an extra sweater. We provide hot drinks and some blankets, and of course the stories ought to keep you warm.

October friday 22th we invite you to the incredible story by Ronald Steur, — chairman of the Foundation Type Foundry Westzaan. This month’s lecture will take us on a quest to solve the mystery of 150 year old Chinese letter molds (matrices). After being asked about the fate of the 19th century Chinese matrices that were once produced by Tetterode Amsterdam, Ronald Steur started an adventurous quest to reveal the history behind this fascinating collection of more than 9000 letter molds. Who owns them? Where are they now? Where is the lead type that was cast using these molds? This search even sparked interest in Hong Kong and there was talk about “The Legend of the Hong Kong Types”. Finally, we will hear about the pilot project to recast the lost Hong Kong characters in collaboration with the Open Printshop in Hong Kong.

And of course you will be served hot soup and the always warming atmosphere of Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam. Welcome!