Step away from the computer

Family workshops

Did your grandfather used to be a printer? Or do you want to restyle your house with hand printed posters, made by the family? GWA Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam invites families to immerse themselves with craftsmanship in a workshop of ink and papers. Create your own family weapon or transfer the familytree onto a poster. Step away from the computer and be impressed!

Disclaimer: The Step Away Workshop doesn’t equal a ‘normal’ course, that consists of multiple nights. Therefore, it is impossible to obtain a strippenkaart afterwards. If you do want to make use of the presses at GWA, please subscribe to one of the courses on this page.

The Step Away Workshop can be held everyday of the year, by making an appointment via the button above.

GWA opens at 10.00 and closes its doors at 16.30.

The price of the Step Away Workshop is dependent on the size of the group. The group size can vary between 6 and 25 people. GWA will adjust the workshop to your needs and will therefore create the perfect workshop for you and your family. Give us a call, email, or simply walk by.

Because of the current situation surrounding COVID-19, the Step Away Workshop is temporarily only available for groups that consist of max. 4 persons.