Step away from the computer

Workshops for students | crash course

Print your own poster with the use of graphic techniques at GWA Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam. With a group of friends, or just the two you like the best. Find your way with wood type, led type, ink and paper, under the exclusive supervision of a printer. 

Disclaimer: The Step Away Workshop doesn’t equal a ‘normal’ course, that consists of multiple nights. Therefore, it is impossible to obtain a strippenkaart afterwards. If you do want to make use of the presses at GWA, please subscribe to one of the courses on this page.

The Step Away Workshop can be held everyday of the year, by making an appointment via the button above.

GWA opens at 10.00 and closes its doors at 16.30.


With your studentID, the crash course for students costs

3 persons € 35,00
5 persons € 25,00

This workshop is a miniworkshop, and will take two hours.